What I’ve Learned About Dancing and Dieting So Far… Part 1: Dieting

So a few months back, I decided to try playing Dance Central to lose weight, and for the first two weeks it worked like a charm! I lost a fair bit of weight (close to 10lbs), and checking on my electronic scale it wasn’t all water weight. Pretty awesome! What’s more, it proved out my theory that if you’ve got a lot of fast-twitch muscle fibers, dancing is a pretty solid way to go to get exercise – about the only thing comparable might be interval training.

Now, I’d be lying if I said I was able to keep it up long term. I got a cold, and unfortunately, after a couple of days out of commission, I just kind of forgot to get back on the horse. Well, now I’m back and dancing again… and it’s time for an update on what I’ve learned in the interim.


Y is for Yurt

I’ve decided to start writing up the stories I come up with for Lexi when I’m putting her to bed. Here’s the first one…

Once upon a time, there was a turkish princess who lived in a yurt.

If you’ve never seen a yurt, it’s a large round tent, filled with pillows and rugs.

The princess decided that she wanted to live in a room filled with light, so in her yurt one day, she gathered one thousand candles, and set them up in a spiral around the room.


How Would You Design A Restaurant/Bar For Singles?

This was originally posted as a question on Quora, but I figured I’d include my answer here too…

If you really want to design a bar for singles to meet each other, then there’s a few things you’re going to have to think about – this isn’t going to happen by chance. And a surprising number of places just kind of throw their bars together, using the skeleton of the place where they found space to rent (usually a bar/restaurant that was open in that location before).

So here’s my list of things I’d do…


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Matching Roman Centurion costume!

So this one is mainly off the shelf bits and pieces, unlike Darci's way more awesome WPC costume (which she'd probably be arrested for wearing in the UK for impersonating a police officer). (more...)

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