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Feed Fixed

I finally noticed that the feed for this blog was pointing to the wrong location (sigh), so now it's fixed!

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Why People Read My Blog (according to Google)

According to Google's Webmaster Tools one of the more popular search terms that leads to a click on my blog ( is “Sandpaper porn”

Sandpaper porn!?!?!?!?!?!

I’m at a total loss for words. Here’s the funny ones…

  • Milkshake racing game (Race that milkshake!)

  • Bruised coxix (Ow!)

  • Sandpaper porn (Double triple quadruple ow!)

  • 2005 fully clothed sex (Not as much fun as 2007 fully unclothed on the balcony sex)

  • British dish mush (Hey, my cooking’s not that bad)

  • Accidental pee drunk (we’ve all been there…)

  • Diuretics peeing a lot (Yes, yes, they do…)

  • Musclewomen porn (Lots of muscular women fans out there) (Very popular in India and Turkey, apparently)

  • Muscle woman porn (Some of them don’t like groups though…)

  • Pain receptors drunk (The best way for your pain receptors to be)

… and a couple of poignant ones:

  • “How to commit suicide using Unisom” (I’ll leave that one alone)

  • “Scientist Lost” (Like Milton’s Paradise Lost, but geekier)

  • “Books are good enough, but are a poor substitute for life”

I get a scary number of hits for sandpaper porn. Must be some kind of meme going around.

For those interested:
2005 Fully Clothed Sex takes you a follow-up post I wrote on a post of mine describing the Rules Behind Teen Movies (Not Quite Teen Movies). I’ll let you figure out the others yourself…

    Of course, this is all going to horribly skew things now, because I've made a recursive reference to the search terms in my blog. Yikes!


    Blog and be damned...

    ... by anonymous posters, it appears.

    So I've turned on comment moderation, and I've got rid a of bunch of my... er... not so happy go lucky posts. I've decided that frankly I don't want the reminders of one of the darkest periods of my life. So time for them to go.

    Future's bright. May need shades. Certainly need comment moderation.