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Technorati Weirdness

Strangely, it appears that my last post didn't make it up onto Technorati. It claims to be pinging my blog, but the post itself? nada.

I wonder if I've fallen foul of some spam filtering software or something.


Bit of a clean up...

You probably won't notice this if you're reading this blog through a feed reader, but I'm making some improvements to the blog... you know, tidying up the layout, putting a lick of paint on the graphics, that kind of thing.

I'm also fixing a few more broken bits & pieces. On the whole, it's looking much better, but my frustration with the pure crapularity of CSS is just killing me.

It shouldn't be this hard to put together a nice layout. And you certainly shouldn't need to code it by hand. What year is this anyway? 1994?