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My Facebook Year In Review

Posted on 12/27/2014 in Humor, Me
I know, a lot of people are giving this feature flack because algorithms can be insensitive, but I quite liked the results myself.

This morning on Family Feud

Posted on 08/12/2013 in Humor
This morning on Family Feud there was a tie-breaker. To break it, they asked “Name something that people might have on their face that they wish other people wouldn’t see”Darci: “A pimple!”Me: “A tarantula!” “Their mistress!”

Jesus and Schrodinger

Posted on 08/10/2010 in Humor
This was on Digg today: My response?… John 4:46:And lo he sat by Schrodinger’s bedside.“Schrodinger… that’s a good Jewish name.”, he said and laid his hands upon the box by his bedside. John 4:47:”Why is thine box ticking?”, the Lord … More…

Laws of the Universe: Gallagher’s Law

Posted on 12/08/2009 in Humor, Science
Gallagher’s Law: If a demonstration can go wrong so that the first three rows of the audience will be splattered with something, it will. Note that the amount it will go wrong is proportional to how difficult it will be … More…

Friday the 13th!

Posted on 03/13/2009 in Humor
Today is the 2nd Friday 13th of 2009. There’s actually three. (Spooky eh? Well… spooky if you’re paraskevadecatriaphobic maybe). Just so you don’t need to worry any more, here’s a C# program, so you can figure out when it’s going … More…

The Power of Blankets

Posted on 11/20/2007 in Humor
Blankets are great. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m alone at night in a big house with too many windows without blinds or curtains, and I get spooked, I turn to my friend, the blanket. My blanket is … More…

Why People Read My Blog (according to Google)

Posted on 10/31/2007 in Humor, Meta
According to Google’s Webmaster Tools one of the more popular search terms that leads to a click on my blog ( is “Sandpaper porn” Sandpaper porn!?!?!?!?!?! I’m at a total loss for words. Here’s the funny ones… Milkshake racing game … More…

Funniest drug warning ever

Posted on 07/16/2007 in Humor
From the website.. You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it’s probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with … More…

Overheard in New York

Posted on 07/14/2007 in Humor
There’s a site out there – Overheard in New York – which collects things people overhear in passing. You know, random conversation snippets. (It has a few sister sites too – Overheard in the Office, Overheard at the Beach… and … More…

Best review of Suffering: Ties That Bind ever…

Posted on 06/20/2007 in Humor
Ever see the Grandma Hardcore series? It’s a granny who plays video games. And swears like a sailor while she does so. She’s hardcore. Way hardcore. But our game was her Waterloo 😉

Word of Yesterday – Love

Posted on 05/10/2007 in Humor
(‘cos I didn’t do one yesterday, so this is to catch up… plus bonus definitions…) Love: 1) The incontravertible feeling that the universe will get sucked into a black hole unless you’re with a certain someone. 2) Knowing that whatever … More…

Word of Tuesday

Posted on 05/08/2007 in Humor
Yeah, I’m at work, so I’m going to post this early. Thesaurus;Extinct reptile that eats libraries.

Word of the day…

Posted on 05/07/2007 in Humor
Genius: someone smart enough to know the wrong question to ask, and to keep asking it until they get the right answer.

It’s snowing really hard

Posted on 11/30/2006 in Humor, Me
Heard on Monday on the weather report on the radio: “I came out of the University of Washington on foot, and the snow was coming down so hard it was coming down in pellets!” I just wanted to call said … More…

New Job: Nursery Rhyme Defusal Expert

Posted on 10/07/2004 in Humor
I’ve decided to create a new job position for myself. Namely, that of nursery rhyme defusal expert. It’s quite simple. It’s like a bomb defusal expert, but not quite as bloody, firey or messy if it all goes horribly wrong … More…

Triptych of Wind and Rain

Posted on 09/17/2004 in Humor, Politics
Did you ever consider that three hurricanes in two months is a bit much? Poor Florida. Actually… maybe it’s not an accident… perhaps, just perhaps… (and bear with me here)… perhaps it’s God’s way of telling the Floridians to not … More…

Recursive Junk Mail

Posted on 07/16/2004 in Humor
Yesterday I experienced my first ever tangle with a weird new phenomenon.   Recursive Junk Mail   For some odd reason, someone sent me a catalog of catalogs. Inside it, are a whole bunch of catalogs to choose from. Some … More…