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Is a “Fail Fast” methodology a good idea for new projects?

The whole idea of having a “fail-fast” philosophy for new projects is problematic in a lot of ways. Here’s the deal: “Fail Fast" is a strategy that only works for about half of the people out there who might be working on a project.

Imagine you were totally omniscient, and could split your developers into two teams based on their character traits and working styles.

Let's call these two teams  Team Burny-Ouchy and Team Cassandra.


How Would You Design A Restaurant/Bar For Singles?

This was originally posted as a question on Quora, but I figured I’d include my answer here too…

If you really want to design a bar for singles to meet each other, then there’s a few things you’re going to have to think about – this isn’t going to happen by chance. And a surprising number of places just kind of throw their bars together, using the skeleton of the place where they found space to rent (usually a bar/restaurant that was open in that location before).

So here’s my list of things I’d do…


Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Child A Smartphone If You’re On AT&T…

So a while back I decided to buy my daughter a cellphone. She’s 20, and we figured that it’d be a great way for us all to stay in touch. Except before we did that, I wanted to make sure that she couldn’t accidentally run up a huge bill. After all, I’m paying the freight on this – so I didn’t want her to be able to accidentally purchase things she shouldn’t on my credit card, or go over her 300MB data-plan limit.