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Simon Cooke is a video game developer, ex-freelance journalist, screenwriter, film-maker and all-round good egg in Seattle, WA. The views posted on this blog are his and his alone, and have no relation to anything he's working on, his employer, or anything else and are not an official statement of any kind.

Flat People, Resumes and Coded Language

Posted on 02/11/2018 in Psychology
People often speak in coded language – some more than others. The problem with coded language is that it requires a secret decoder ring to figure out what they mean. I’m not talking about jargon and vocabulary which are used … More…

Why People Share Articles on Social Media

Posted on 02/04/2018 in Psychology
People rarely share articles to spread knowledge. More often they don’t care about the details. They just care if the way the article made them feel matches the way they feel about the general topic. This is why it’s hard … More…

Lessons Learned from Camping

Posted on 08/23/2017 in Uncategorized
Pooping is easier without pants, especially when you had to dig a hole first. Try to poop before sunset. It’s way scarier in the dark. Bring a real shovel. Emergency snow shovels don’t do a great job of digging poop … More…

Leaving Quora

Posted on 08/14/2017 in Meta, Science, Software Development, Technology, Writing
Quora recently changed the site in some heinous ways. They removed the details from all questions, because they’re trying to make sure that there’s only one “canonical question” you can search for an answer to. Unfortunately this destroys nuance – … More…