Long time no post... I wonder why? (Music, Politics and More)

Hello everybody,

It's been quite a while since I last posted on the blog. Why? Well, it's a number of things:

Everyone's going nuts over politics, and has polarized. I'd post about political stuff, but I just don't have the heart for it. Partly this is because I've recently found that I lose friends when I talk politics (I don't automatically slew in the direction of my friends on every issue even though I'm a bleeding-hearty lefty - I prefer nuance, and right now there's none). I'm not willing to compromise my principles or ignore facts or skip analysis, so away from politics I go.

Work has been busy. I've been doing new and interesting things, some of which may or may not pan out... But as a result, I've been trying not to blog. I discovered many years ago that writing kind of shifts a gear in my head - and I don't want to get stuck in that gear. It can take weeks for me to shift back, so I've been avoiding it. Instead, I've been working on music.

I wouldn't have considered myself a musician until recently. I can barely consider myself one now - impostor syndrome being what it is. Especially if I compare myself to my favorite musicians. I'm just not on the same page. But there's one thing I do really well, and that's learn new things rapidly. So let's say I've reached the level where I can say that I'm relatively competent, if not an actual expert.

So far I've released 4 singles. There's more coming... I'm trying to build towards an album. Everything's being released under the name Fleeting Shadow, and you can find me on ReverbNation here: https://www.reverbnation.com/fleetingshadow , Bandcamp here: https://fleetingshadow.bandcamp.com/ , and on the music label Foxxy Music here: foxxymusic.com/artists/fleeting-shadow.

Or you can just listen here:

Writing music is pretty much the best stress-reliever I've found. It's more immediate than writing screenplays (a screenplay is not a finished product - it's a halfway point... so it's less gratifying). Even better, I'm enjoying the music I've written, which is great.

(I will get back to screenplays at some point, but right now? There's no point).

As part of this wonderful change in scenery, I've also started a music label with my wife Darci Morales - Foxxy Music, LLC. The first album we're putting out comes out in 5 days (1/21/2018) and isn't my music. No, this is from Alternative/Alt.Rock/Indie/Grunge(?) band The Happy Pill Academy. They've trusted me with their baby, so I'm doing my best to make sure it's well fed and looked after.

Their first album is Kerosene, Matches and Time, and will be available on streaming music and digital download sites. It might even show up on CD / Vinyl at some point, but that's further in the future.

There's a lot involved in running a music label - way more than I thought. It ends up there's a lot of moving parts behind the scenes before music makes its way into your grubby little mitts. Never mind the logistics of P.R. and press coverage, getting radioplay, getting songs into the charts.

(We can even create our own ISRC codes now... we're holding off on UPC codes for now, because they're a lot pricier).

Either way, this is an interesting new side venture. We'll see where it takes me. Maybe nowhere. Maybe somewhere... but at the very least, it gives me something better to do with my time than argue politics.

Creation and action beats directionless agitprop, every time.

Be the change you want to see in the world. I'm going to do that right now.

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Simon Cooke is an occasional video game developer, ex-freelance journalist, screenwriter, film-maker, musician, and software engineer in Seattle, WA.

The views posted on this blog are his and his alone, and have no relation to anything he's working on, his employer, or anything else and are not an official statement of any kind by them (and barely even one by him most of the time).

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