Cholesterol, with and without Statins

So I've been entering medical info into a database for a good chunk of the afternoon. The cool thing is that by changing my diet, I've been able to get my cholesterol levels trending down to today, where they're nearly where they were when I was on a statin (which I reacted incredibly poorly to).


How did I do this?

Quite easily. I reduced my consumption of bread, pasta, sugars, and so on. And increased my consumption of red meat (and other meats), eggs, butter, cheese, fish, and fresh fruit - particularly pomegranate, berries, pineapple and apples.

Thanks, Mr. Keys, for sending the world down the wrong path for so many, many years. (Bread is the big one for me).

 LDL mg/dLHDL mg/dL
November 201020122
December 2010 (statins – ick)11323
March 2014 (no statins, low-carb)13328

And that's before I switched from smoking to e-cigs, so it'll be interesting to see what it's like now. (I'd have more recent ‪numbers‬, but the last ones were non-fasting and aren't representative as my blood was full of lunch - but HDL was up to 30).

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