Dyson Vacuum Cleaner - COVETED! ... but boy does it suck…

So I went out and bought a Dyson DC14 Vacuum cleaner today. Bagless. Cyclone driven. High tech. I’ve coveted them for several years now (if it’s actually possible to covet a vacuum cleaner), and we needed a new one… soooo…

I brought it home. Assembled it. Turned it on.

Nasty loud CLACKING noise. Allegedly this is the ratchet on the brushes to stop them from getting damaged. Play with the setting again. Keeps doing it.

Open up the bottom – nothing obviously wrong. Search online…

Apparently this is a problem with the clutch mechanism. Very common. Happens within 3 or 4 months to a LOT of people with this model.

And, because technology hates me, it happened to me day 1 minute 1.

It goes back tomorrow (well, I might call tech support first). I’ll swap it for something a little cheaper.

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