Caffeine Fueled Rainy Driving Lust

Call me crazy, but I'd love to see a video game where you got to race around Seattle (and the nearby environments, such as Mt. Rainier, Yakima, the back roads of Tacoma, et al).

You know... something like this (taken from a competition in the Seattle Times to redesign the Seattle Center)

Racing around the Alaskan Way Viaduct, onto surface streets, across the railway and down the pier...

Zipping up and down I-5, over the bridge, off onto 45th, down the hill through the U-district, back through the Arboretum...

Racing around the Seattle center, zipping past the space needle, up onto Aurora.

Trying to navigate the Mercer Mess...

In my ideal world, you'd be doing this through rush-hour traffic :)

Fast car, crazy Seattle traffic... (Picture taken from

PGR5... go on... this town is full of cool and crazy opportunities for tracks. How about if I ask real nice?

Note: None of this was at all, or in any conceivable way, influenced by watching Speed Racer tonight. Honest. ;-)

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