More writing...

Over the last two nights, I've written 20 more pages in "Little Miss Litty" - the horror screenplay I'm working on.

I'm happy. This is now officially 20 pages longer than the last script I wrote - Unsealed - a couple of years ago. (I wish I could find a way to make that... but 45 minutes screen time is a weird weird length).

Of course, there's a long road ahead - at least two more drafts of the script, some heavy editing, and some fixin' up. It's a little ... condensed right now too. I get the feeling that to find the rhythym for this and make it more tense and suspenseful instead of just out and out shock and gore, it's going to need a little stretching out. Just a little. (I also want to try to balance the cool shit with the essential plot building shit... find the right cadence, if you will, for the scenes).

Either way, I'm happy. I think I'm well on track for having the damn thing finished by the end of the year. Then, it's time to shop it :)

Some time soon, I may post a link to the unfinished short story this is all based on, as somewhat of a teaser. (Although I ran out of that material about 36 pages ago :) ).

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