Why do I do this to myself?

I went snowboarding again at Snoqualmie Summit today. This is the second time I've gone. Last time was about a year ago.

Last time, I spent a month finding it very hard to sit down because I bruised my hip or my coxix (hey, steady now...) or some other bone in that neighborhood by falling flat on my ass about 40 times in a row.


This time? 5 minutes into my first run (after taking my first ever chair lift), I find myself cartwheeling, jamming my left wrist straight into the snow pack, and all of a sudden one bright white flash before my eyes later, I'm nursing a badly sprained wrist. I spent five minutes covering my wrist in ice, sat there in pain, smoked a cigarette, then unhooked my board and trudged down the mountain on foot.

Fortunately it does look like it is just a sprain. The Ski Patrol guys checked me out at the bottom - they pushed against my hand and told me it wasn't broken, because if it was, I'd have nailed them with a right hook when they did that. (Nice test, huh? :) ).

So, a grand total of maybe 40 minutes there, at least 25 of which were buying new goggles and putting on my gear.

Work are doing another snowboarding trip in the next month or so. I may go. If I do, I'll probably end up just staying in the lodge drinking boozy hot chocolate.


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