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Just got back from my trip home to England. More later :)

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Bo Grimes wrote on Tuesday, January 17, 2006:

Hey Simon,

I was cleaning out an old bookmarks file and couldn’t remember what this one was. On a whim, mostly because of a book I’m reading, I decided to drop you a note.

First, I guess congrats are in order on the new job (as much of a stink as it made, I can’t for the life of me recall the old one, though I know it involved a portable spectrograph). And apparently you’re also working on a new film.

How’d that other one come out, the one on the Four Horsemen? I only glanced through the current page here.

The book I’m reading is The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters. It’s an extremely poingant and hilarous book, probably the best of it’s sort I’ve read in years. The main character is a struggling film producer who got fired from her studio and is trying to start her own production company.

Which reminds me. Did you ever see “Get Shorty”? The one time I mentioned it to you you had’t. You may have also see the sequal “Be Cool” by now, but it was atrocious.

You may like the book. Anyway, best of luck.

Bo Grimes
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