GTK Popup Window Bug Fixed

Back in March 2003, I filed a bug against GTK on Windows. You see, it wasn't handling popup menus correctly, so when the window with the popup lost focus, the menu would stay up on the screen.

This bug has finally been fixed - only two years and five months after it was reported. I guess I should be happy, but frankly, I'm not really.

You see, this was a pretty major bug in GTK on Windows - it broke some pretty basic Windows functionality. That it took so long for it to get fixed is, frankly, amazing to me.

The whole idea behind Open Source is that there are many eyes looking at it, which leads to fewer bugs, and faster bug fixes.

To that, I say, in best Steve Carrell tradition, "Where's your god now, Moses?!"

(This is the only Open Source / Linux post that will ever be made to this blog. Treasure it, for it is an only child).

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