Layoffs impending in 3... 2... 1...

Looks like we're outta here. *sigh*

Rock Bottom Brewery, here we come. Because, after all, there's only one place to go when you hit rock bottom - and that's Rock Bottom!

I've loved working with the people I work with. Damn. It has been a lot of fun, and we tried to do something great and wonderful ... but we just didn't get there. I don't think our reach was bigger than our grasp - we should have made it. But we didn't.

Add to that the fact that my car died last night and as a result is now in the shop, a volcano is about to go off in my back yard, and my wife got a demand from the IRS for back taxes, and we're pretty much having a peach of a week this week.

Still, this afternoon we'll toast the company off with a little Peruvian Brandy called Pisco, which I bought in Lima when I was there earlier this year. It's good stuff - almost tastes like the smoothest tequila you've ever had. Do a shot for the Inca gods, and see if we can get our gold idols up and running.

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