Microsoft Loses Sports Game Division

Looks like Microsoft has finally finished getting rid of their sports games division. Not that I was a big sports games fan to begin with... but still.

Hmmm... at this rate, there aren't going to be many more games companies left in the Seattle

area. Which is a shame.

One of the reasons I liked living in Seattle was the fact that it appeared to have one of the largest concentrations of applications and games software development companies outside of Silicon Valley.

Since the dot com bubble burst, the number of companies up here have dwindled. This is a huge shame; shrink-wrap software is what I love working on. The less companies, the less jobs... and the less opportunity.

At this point, I'd love to set up a company of my own. That, however, takes capital that I don't have. What I do have though is ideas for several games, and several applications - all of which could be potential money makers. Not huge sums of money, but enough to kickstart a small startup if it's run on a tight budget.

Anyone got any ideas on how to get something like that rolling?

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Anonymous wrote on Wednesday, September 15, 2004:

You could talk to the people at Pyrogon; they seem to be taking a similar approach (do some small games to get enough money to do bigger ones).

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