Furious Angels

I found this particular album early this year when I took a chance and stepped off into the dark deep unknown and decided to order a random collection of tracks by someone whose music I'd really enjoyed on The Matrix's soundtrack.

I wasn't disappointed. It's the closest thing to a concept album that I've heard in a long time. Perhaps this generation's version of Pink Floyd?


Maybe not.

Either way, you can find out for yourself very easily. Because unlike most CDs, you can listen to the whole thing online. Try before you buy, if you will.

See? Now there's no good excuse to copy it on MP3 from Napster. If you like it, buy it. If you don't, don't. If you're in between, listen for free online. It's the whole album after all.

I like this... :)

So, in conclusion, Rob Dougan kicks ass. Rich orchestral/synth/techno soundscapes with a crotchety Tom Waits vox. And the videos? Out of this world, dear reader. Out of this world.

Watch and Listen to Furious Angels Online Here

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